Community Contributions

At Kingston Midstream, we pride ourselves on emphasizing priority on maintaining strong relationships with the communities in which we live and operate in; supporting non-profit organizations, charities, fundraisers and community programming.

Over the past five years, we have contributed over $500,000 towards emergency response programs in over 30 Saskatchewan and Manitoba communities, along with non-profit organizations in Calgary. Many of these community investments have focused on supporting local fire departments, ambulance/emergency response equipment and Tela-Health equipment.

In addition, we have invested in countless other events and community initiatives, including:

  • STARS Air Ambulance
  • Salvation Army food banks
  • School breakfast programs
  • Youth Music, Theater and Art programs
  • Brown Bagging for Calgary Kids
  • United Way
  • Local Wildlife Federations
  • St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation, Estevan 
  • Weyburn Hospital Foundation
  • Southeast College Scholarship Program
  • EvenStart Foundation, Calgary
  • Numerous community recreational facilities
  • Numerous community golf tournaments, festivals and fundraisers

Community Investment Guidelines

Donations made by Kingston Midstream reflect our commitment to furthering these purposes and must be in compliance with applicable legal and ethical standards.  

Community investments are guided by a core set of criteria. We consider investment and sponsorship opportunities in communities where Kingston Midstream operates that are:

  • Within a 20-kilometre (10-mile) radius of our pipeline right-of-way or near our operations
  • Of prime importance to the community
  • Beneficial to the largest number of people possible
  • Significant to the long-term interests of the community

Examples of qualified organizations

  • Youth programming
  • Recreation or sports organizations and events
  • Community-based emergency services
  • Community-based organizations
  • Health-based organizations, medical research, and infrastructure
  • Education providers
  • Environmental and safety initiatives
  • Nonprofit cultural organizations

Ineligible organizations

  • Organizations discriminating on the basis of race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation
  • Individuals
  • Religious groups, political organizations or special interest groups
  • Advocacy or lobby initiatives
  • Mass-mailed or non-addressed solicitation

Kingston Midstream staff at the 2019 Canada Day parade in Estevan, Saskatchewan.