Building resource partnerships
and solutions for the future

At Kingston Midstream, we are committed to the responsible and safe storage and transportation of one of the world’s most vital commodities. We do this in partnership with key members of the supply chain who, like us, work to ensure that energy resources efficiently get from source to final destination safely and economically, where they will be used to drive industry, innovation and the economy forward.

The midstream process is pivotal to energy producers, shippers and refiners, and our role is to provide the optimal systems and infrastructure to facilitate their businesses, on-going growth and success.

Integral to our work is protecting the best interests of the many citizens we engage with and serve on a daily basis. We are an important part of the overall energy industry and our team understands that maintaining an open, informative and productive dialogue with landowners, community stewards, employees and customers is critical to ensuring that we keep pace with Canada’s ongoing energy needs.