A History of Moving Canada’s Resources

The story of James Richardson & Sons, Limited
spans over 160 years.

Formerly Tundra Energy Marketing Limited (TEML), we have been a midstream service provider since 2012. Our main lines of business have always been the movement, storage, marketing and distribution of crude oil, growing through a series of strategic acquisitions. In 2016, we made our largest acquisition, the Southeast Saskatchewan pipeline system from the Enbridge Income Fund. The scale of this growth, and evolution of the company as a whole, inevitably led the executive team rebranding to Kingston Midstream in 2019.

Our name, Kingston Midstream, was selected as a nod to the history and legacy of our parent company, James Richardson & Sons, Limited (JRSL), which was founded in 1857 in Kingston, Ontario. The organization got its start as a one-man grain merchandising operation but with time, innovation and strong leadership, new opportunities presented and were successfully pursued including transportation, agriculture & food processing, financial services, real estate and energy exploration.


Ten years before Confederation,
James Richardson & Sons, Limited
(JRSL) is established in Canada.


Canadian-grown barley is
exported to meet the demands
of the American Civil War.


The company’s first schooner ship
is purchased to ship grain from
Canadian farmers to U.S. buyers.


First grain elevator is completed and grain
begins shipping across the prairies on the
newly completed Canadian railway.


James Richardson and Sons, Limited
opens in Vancouver, soon followed by
Calgary, Saskatoon, Medicine Hat, and Lethbridge.


Grain is an increasingly important export
and a private wire service is extended from
Canadian offices to New York and Chicago.


The Richardson-owned Port Arthur terminal receives
its first rail load of grain from the Prairies.


Western Canada Airways is established
by James A. Richardson and begins
servicing remote northern communities.


Canadian Airways, founded by James
Richardson, carries 8,800 passengers
to nine provinces in its first year.


The Patricia Transportation Company is acquired to provide dependable ground transfer of northern mineral resources.


Topnotch Feeds Limited continues to grow
as a highly-regarded feed company in Ontario.


Green Valley Fertilizer and Chemical
Company Limited is incorporated.


Marine Pipeline Construction
is established in Calgary.


Pioneer Grain port terminal opens on
the north shore of Vancouver.


Mohawk Navigation becomes
Pioneer Shipping Limited, shipping
Canadian grain globally.


James Richardson and Sons, Limited purchases
50% of Tundra Oil & Gas (the company
becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary in 2000).


Tundra Energy Marketing Limited (TEML) is incorporated.


TEML begins operations as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tundra Oil & Gas and expands the Cromer gathering pipeline network.


TEML acquires EOG Resources Inc.’s stake in the Waskada pipeline.


TEML acquires the EOG Pierson Lateral pipeline connecting the Cromer Terminal to the Waskada pipeline system.


TEML acquires the Virden System from Enbridge for $26 million.


TEML completes the acquisition of the
Enbridge Saskatchewan Pipeline System
for $1.07 billion.


TEML is renamed Kingston Midstream
to better reflect its customer base,
scope and service offering.