Core Values

People Matter

We care about our employees and stakeholders, and we enrich the communities in the areas we operate.


We can be trusted, and we will demonstrate trust in our employees, our customers, and our stakeholders.

Social Responsibility

The health and safety of our employees is our highest priority. We strive to meet top quartile safety performance, environmental protection and regulatory compliance.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We create value through our expertise, our assets and by taking calculated risks.


All our actions and decisions will reflect our core value of personal integrity. We will always conduct our affairs in an ethical, fair and transparent manner. We will be true to our Guiding Principles.

At Kingston, we are committed to the responsible and safe storage and transportation of one of the world’s most vital commodities. Our core focus revolves around the transportation, storage, marketing, and distribution of crude oil. Offering our customers seamless access to rail, crude storage, and mainline markets, giving them entry into both Canadian and International markets.

We are driven to create value every day. Our Guiding Principles are the foundation for our culture:

  • We are learning and improving
  • We care about people and relationships
  • We are problem solvers and decision makers
  • We are collaborators
  • We are accountable