It is important to contact Kingston if you are planning any work within 30 meters of Kingston rights of way or facilities, including but not limited to the following:

  • Any excavation activities
  • Operating vehicles or mobile equipment across Kingston pipeline outside of normal agricultural use
  • Tree removal, landscaping, and/or scraping for land leveling
  • Power pole and fence post installation, removal or replacement
  • Reclamation activities
  • Geophysical or seismic activities
  • Any construction activities
  • Wellsite and pipeline construction
  • Installation of drainage system

Kingston operates pipelines and facilities across Southeast Saskatchewan, Southwest Manitoba and Northern Alberta. If working within 30 m of a Kingston Right of Way or Facility you must submit a first call request:

Alberta: 1-800-242-3447
Click Before You Dig | Utility Safety Partners

Saskatchewan: 1-866-828-4888
Sask First Call

Manitoba: 1-800-940-3447
Click Before You Dig Manitoba

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