We want you home safe today and every day

Keeping in touch with you is important to us. That’s why we contact our friends and neighbours who live in areas where we operate. We connect with the community to share important information and hear from you about your experiences. We at Kingston Midstream are committed to working in a responsible manner that promoted the well-being and protection of our employees, the public and the environment. 

Protecting our pipelines & facilities

Millions of people depend on the liquid hydrocarbons we transport and keeping these pipelines safe for everyone is our most important job. Our pipelines meet or exceed high government standards and the safe operation of these pipelines is a responsibility that we are committed to ensuring. This responsibility does not mean working alone. We continually work to provide safe, reliable operation and keep in regular contact to communicate important information to local governments, community fire and police services, utilities, contractors, neighbours and tenants.

Being prepared is the key, and that is why we have developed plans based on open communication and teamwork. At Kingston Midstream, we work with local fire and police services so that they have the information they require to respond to an emergency. Regular training exercises are held in select locations throughout the year to keep our employees’ skills fresh and to maintain strong and effective relationships with local emergency responders.

You, as our neighbour, also contribute as a member of our team. By following right-of-way safety precautions and keeping in touch you can help prevent incidents.

Maintaining our Assets

From the purchase of high quality steel pipe manufactured to meet stringent criteria, to the cathodic protection system we employ to prevent corrosion once a pipe is installed, we make the safety of the system a priority before and during its operation. Just a few of the processes and technologies that we use to ensure our assets remain in top condition include:

  • X-ray or ultrasonic testing of welds made during construction
  • Monitoring and control systems that operate around the clock, 365 days a year
  • The use of durable coating systems and cathodic protection (use of low voltage electric current) to protect pipe from external corrosion
  • The use of increasingly sophisticated in-line inspection technologies to measure changes to the integrity of the pipeline.
  • A real-time leak-detection system is used on our mainlines to monitor the volumes of materials entering and leaving the pipeline
  • A strict maintenance program for all equipment to ensure safety and reliability

Environmental Protection

We understand there is a potential impact on land, air and water, and we take our responsibility to preserve the environment seriously. In fact, our activities, everything from pipeline design, construction, testing, maintenance, operations, safety, and emergency response practices, are subject to government regulations, which we meet or exceed.

Every project is carefully planned from start to finish. All plant life, wildlife, soil, fresh water or cultural artifacts, in every aspect of our business, is carefully considered to preserve the natural balance of the land. Post-construction, we constantly monitor the systems to ensure we are meeting our responsibilities, working closely with the people who live and work in the area.