Whether you’re doing home/yard improvements or installing new pipeline facilities it is important that you know what’s below before you dig. Kingston Midstream Limited (“Kingston”) operates a vast number of pipelines and facilities across Southeast Saskatchewan and Southwest Manitoba. These pipelines and facilities are a vital part of the oil and gas infrastructure within these areas. To ensure the safety of yourself and these facilities, be sure to submit a first call request by following the links below: 


Saskatchewan – https://www.sask1stcall.com

Manitoba – http://clickbeforeyoudigmb.com


It is important to contact Kingston if you are planning any work within 30 meters of Kingston rights of way or facilities, including but not limited to the following:

  • Pipeline or cable installation
  • Pipeline relocating
  • New underground and/or above ground installations
  • Excavation for facility repair
  • Power pole and fence post installation/removal/replacement
  • Reclamation operations
  • Geophysical/seismic operations
  • Operating vehicles or mobile equipment across Kingston pipeline outside of normal agricultural use
  • New road construction or reconstruction
  • Temporary workspace/access
  • Wellsite construction/addition and drilling
  • Tree removal, landscaping, and/or scraping for land leveling
  • Installation of drainage system
  • Excavating/Trenching
  • Subdivisions that may include permanent improvements across Kingston rights of way or facilities

Applicant must prepare and submit an application to the proper Kingston company entity along with the proposed survey plan

Application must include:

  • land location of crossing/proximity
  • type of approval required
  • brief description of work being done
  • registered plan number of Kingston facilities
  • site plan including proposed work area and distance from the Kingston facilities
  • profile and cross section view of crossing
  • pipe specifications of Kingston and proposed Foreign facility if crossing Kingston
  • method of installation (plan requirements may vary based on the scope of work being performed).
  • access route
  • construction date
  • applicants full company name and address and the name of the company representative signing the agreement
  • company file number for reference if there is one