Operations & Services

Our customers have seamless access to rail, crude storage and mainline markets, giving them entry to both Canadian and international markets. At Kingston Midstream, we pride ourselves on our market flexibility and managing unforeseen volume changes.


Our Marketing & Terminalling business segment is situated around the Cromer Terminal, which comprises storage facilities, crude-by-rail services, Enbridge outbound connectivity. This terminal includes:

  • Five inbound gathering system connections and two third-party inbound connections
  • Pipeline-connected rail outbound capacity
  • 700,000 barrels of crude oil storage
  • 190,000 bpd outbound pipeline capacity and 60,000 bpd outbound rail capacity


Our Rail Loading business segment includes a strategically located facility and pipeline, connected to the Cromer Terminal. With a load capacity of 60,000 bpd, the Rail Loading Facility gives our customers access to pipeline infrastructure and international markets.

Terminals & Pipelines

Our pipeline business consists of 2,328kms of strategically located pipeline gathering systems that transport crude oil from the Williston Basin in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

The Manitoba systems include the Cromer, Waskada and Virden Gathering systems, which deliver product to the Cromer Terminal. This product is then delivered to the Enbridge Mainline System or to Kingston Midstream’s Rail Loading Facility.